Ian Forsyth


I am a professional documentary photographer based in Saltburn by the Sea on the northeast coast of England.

Over the years I have photographed in many countries as I pursue my passion for documenting people, places and events. Whether on the larger 'world stage' or simply in my own hometown the creation of a photographic record to document these moments in our collective histories is not only valuable to meet present interests but it is our collective responsibility as documentary photographers to ensure these events are recorded with honesty, integrity and compassion for future generations.

I supply images to Getty Images and London News Pictures.

Further examples of my work can be seen by clicking on the links above and will take you too...

'Portfolio' - Examples of work

'Room 2850' - A blog with my general photography work and stories.

'Eastbound' - A blog with my surfing photography.

'Behind the Veil' - A blog with my portrait and wedding photography.

I am a member of the British Press Photographers' Association.

I am happy to discuss any ideas or projects you may be developing so feel free to contact me...

Mobile : 07786 076618

Email : ianforsyth2003@yahoo.co.uk

Twitter : @Togian

Facebook : Ian Forsyth - Photographer